Jud Nirenberg

Jud Nirenberg  is a co-author of Romani Politics in Contemporary Europe (Palgrave-MacMillian), the editor and a co-author of Gypsy Sexuality: Romani and Outsiders’ Perspectives on Intimacy (Clambake Press) and author of Samson’s Walls (Oak Tree Publications) as well as the editor of a wide range of reports by international development and human rights organizations.

He is open to working with writers of literary fiction (novels or novellas) and of a wide range of non-fiction topics. He is especially attracted to  history, cultural and literary criticism, foreign policy, human rights, marine issues and sociolinguistics. He will consider reading memoirs that improve our understanding of these issues.

On the subject of novel submissions, he writes:

David Foster Wallace wrote, in 1988 that “while television has from its beginnings been openly motivated by – has been about – considerations of mass appeal and L.C.D. and profit…readers and society may properly expect important, lasting contributions from a narrative art that understands itself as about considerations more important than…balance sheets”.

While one shouldn’t ignore the brilliant writing that came out in the 80s or since, Wallace’s words still apply. Big publishers are more and more driven by the L.C.D. and, more specifically, by tastes of a market that seems to want novels to imitate film or the norms of visual narrative. The best way to explain the novels I hope to read is to say what they are not; they are neither genre nor inspired by a film or director.

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