Mariah Beckman

Mariah Beckman holds bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in writing from Arizona State University. Since graduation, she has been involved with multiple independent publishers. She serves as an editor for Pif Magazine, writes and edits freelance, and has worked with social networking sites, national consumer magazines, several writing agencies and many amazing clients, each of whom have unforgettable stories to tell.

While Mariah is a lover of all good literature, she is most interested in the visceral, the honest, the well-documented and the original. She is passionate about advancing exceptional works of fiction and non-fiction, with an emphasis on individuality and unique human perspectives. Of particular interest to Mariah is creative non-fiction, macro-fiction and personal narratives and memoirs of note. Creative cookbooks, how-to guides, satire (especially satire and humor) are also among the list of manuscripts Mariah would like to see pitched.

Regarding queries, Mariah requests the following:

I expect any pitch addressed to myself to cater to quality moreso than to a specific style or genre. I seek writing that flows and is organic; writing that feels natural. Queries need not be from previously published authors (although, if applicable, a well-developed biography should accompany submissions). I am interested in working with authors who are eager to promote their own work.  While Point Defiance has no plans to publish art compilations at this time, I am interested in artwork submissions from artists who may be interested in cover design opportunities. The rest, friends, is rust and stardust. If I have failed to thoroughly explain what I am or am not looking for, feel free to drop me a line and ask if we are looking for work meeting the description of your submission. It never hurts to ask, right?

Always interested in meeting new people, answering questions about publishing, connecting with other professionals, or hearing from clients, Mariah can be reached via email at:

Mariah Beckman

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